Give your Cash Access a Lift

CashValet®, the pre-eminent cash solution for Casinos in the UK & Europe

Attended Terminal

POSpod CE & POSpod ME
Elegantly Designed Custom Kiosk

State of the art cash access kiosk elegantly designed to integrate into the casino floor providing patron privacy, custom screen flows, rapid approvals and a PCI certified technology stack.

  • PCI DSS level 1 & P2PE
  • EMV (CHIP) enabled
  • Real time processing in Sterling and Euros
  • 8 language preferences
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Dynamic fees by card type, transaction amount, and patron profile
  • Self-exclusion program
  • Near field communication (NFC)
  • Enhanced security outputs
  • Ticket (print, email)
  • Rewards & loyalty program interface
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CashValet® Console

Fully integrated and real-time cashier portal with the POSpod kiosk to complete pending and authorised transactions. The CashValet® – Console is custom designed for the UK and EU markets with dynamic and robust reporting, self-exclusion tools (by property, card, person, other) and the industry’s finest user experience.

  • PCI DSS Level 1 & P2PE
  • Reliable interface designed to locate, complete and store transaction data quickly and securely
  • Auto-populated ID swipe & barcode scanning technology
  • Digital signature capture
  • Self-exclusion and fraud controls
  • Custom VIP fee waive and discounting options
  • Casino-determined controls & access
  • Simplified cashier training


CashValet® VIP

CashValet VIP is an on premise or local service available in Central London whereby a fully licensed Passport Technology representative personally facilitates cash services.

The 2005 Gambling Act and associated amendments make it clear Operators cannot in any way facilitate cash services within the casino outside of completing the transaction at the cash desk. This includes casino employees tending to a self service kiosk (changing receipt paper), transporting portable devices and casino employees should not come into close proximity to a what may be a credit card.

CashValet's POSpod and VIP service is the ideal solution for either a busy occassion or simply catering to valued customers.

Best of all, CashValet VIP is a complimentary service.


Pre-Fund availability is mission critical for casinos to both adhere to UK gaming regulations and maximise cash to the casino floor. Passport Technology founders worked closely with the UK Gaming Commission in forging this requirement.

  • Pre-fund allocations and source of funds readily available
  • Flexible and swift pre-fund increases guaranteed within four hours of approval
  • Real-time reporting and alerts of pre-fund balances by location and corporate hierarchy

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

CashValet standard and custom reporting developed to ensure customers have access to real-time, accurate and detailed information. Understanding transactional trends, patron behavior, and financial impacts are to maximizing patron and operator experiences.

  • Dynamic reporting by transaction and patron profile
  • AML tool box and custom modifications
  • Multiple access portals, interfaces, and delivery channels

Funds Accelerator

Funding is the key metric to cash availability, transparency and increased revenue. CashValet seeks to settle funds directly to the casino's bank account in the shortest period of time.

  • Next day electronic settlement - direct from BankCard associations (funds never co-mingled by third party)
  • Authorisations and settlement in Sterling and Euros
  • Detailed reporting and settlement alerts (text and email)
  • Maximised interest on daily balances

The pre-eminent cash solution for Casinos in the UK & Europe