Versatile Payment Technology

From stand-alone ATMs to custom redemption kiosks, Passport provides a suite of form factors and functionality enabling the casino to deploy a strategic cash access and redemption program targeted by known patron behavior and casino floor layout.

International Payments

ACM Owl Kiosk

The latest in kiosk hardware and software designed to maximize cash-to-floor. Featuring a large 21" vertical screen, ACM OWL kiosks are customizable to meet your needs, and packed with the latest features to enhance your guest experience.


  • 21" Vertical Touch Screen
  • Branded Space for Advertising
  • Programable LED Lights
  • Integrated CIS Scanner
  • Customizable Software

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USA + International Payments

CashStream All-in-One Kiosk

Innovative software can expand the functionality of almost any ticket redemption kiosk to incorporate full-function ATM transaction processing and Cash Advance authorization; essentially turning every TITO terminal on your floor into a full-scale financial transaction processing station.


  • ATM, Ticket Redemption, Bill Breaking, Check Warranty, Cash Advance
  • Bill Breaking & Onboard Check Cashing
  • Unparalleled Redemption & Dispensing Capacity
  • The Latest in Fraud Prevention & Security
  • Over 4,000 Service Technicians Nationwide

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