We Wrote the Book on Quasi Cash Access

Enable guests to access increased funds through local and international debit & credit networks, and provide dynamic feature functionality improving patron loyalty



CashValet is a platform combining our aware winning POSpod kiosks and CashValet Console to facilitate an easy and quick transaction from the kiosks to the cashier.

The CashValet Platform features:

  • Variety of kiosk sizes
  • Intuitive, multi-lingual interface
  • Self-exclusion social responsible options
  • Layer of security to minimize AVS/CVV fraud
  • Digital signature verification
  • 24/7 real service person support

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USA + International

Quick Advance

Enhance your cash access touch points to allow for ticket dispensing at the kiosk. The Quick Advance software prints a ticket which patrons insert into electronic games for play or redeem funds by inserting ticket into the Cash Stream redemption device. This eliminates a trip to the cashier to complete the traditional cash advance transaction.

  • Cash Advance Transactions both initiated and dispensed at the Kiosk
  • Heightened service opportunities as Guest and Cashier interact like never before
  • A single Cashier can easily service multiple guests at once drastically reduces lines at the Cage
  • Increase ROI from your kiosks with significant labor savings and enhanced Guest experience

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