Bank Builder Pro

BankBuilder Pro is the most progressive cash recycling solution for managing and creating employee banks. By automating both ends of the bank-building process, BankBuilder Pro maximizes employee productivity and provides real-time auditing. Built using best-in-class hardware and software, this system reduces overhead and enables employees to spend more time on creating great customer experiences.

This self-service solution reduces wait time for employees building and returning banks. Through a centralized administrative portal, management can preprogram multiple bank configurations for job types or specific employees, simplifying the bank-building process at the machine.

Integrated with Passport LiveCage™, administrators have access to terminal management and configuration, user management, transaction and audit reports, cash and uptime monitoring, and bank and transaction configuration through one centralized portal.


  • Greatly reduces labor costs by automating the bank-building process
  • Carry up to 14,000 notes
  • External transit cassette to limit cash exposure
  • Built in auditing to quickly count available notes and totals
  • Integrated with LiveCage for easy management from one portal