Jackpot Pro®

Jackpot Pro is a quick and efficient method to expedite the experience for your patrons jackpot payouts. Passport’s newest jackpot reporting software combined with Diebold-Nixdorf’s award-winning engineering ensures accurate, prompt payouts, and improved patron experience.

  • Dispense Jackpots Quickly
  • Read and Pay Slot Tickets from all Slot Management Systems
  • Remotely Monitor Your Cash/Supply for Easy Management
  • Provide Detailed Cashier Reporting

Premium Services

By employing the Diebold 220 Express Cash Dispenser, the Jackpot Pro is user-friendly, and comes complete with all of the necessary accoutrement to make cash dispensing easy. Using these machines will guarantee swift transactions, all while minimizing cash losses and maintaining the focus on what’s really important — the customer.

  • Fast and Simple Cash Dispensing
  • Easy Install for Any Casino Environment
  • Reduces Variations and Miscounts
  • Smaller Footprint On Your Property
  • Enhanced Security As Funds Remain Hands-Off Inside ECO High Level Safe

Unrivaled Technology

Passport's Jackpot Pro software is the best the industry has to offer. It is designed to provide your Cashiers, Slot Floor People, Supervisors, and Managers with a fast and efficient way to expedite all of your Cash Transactions. It has customizable jackpot dispense reporting, transaction processing interfaces, and at-a-glance cash & equipment status monitoring.


The Jackpot Pro is capable of seating up to six 3000 note multimedia cassettes and come with an additional Divert Cassette for the greatest of capacity.

Vast Service & Support Network

With over 4000 service technicians nationwide, the Diebold 220 is supported by Diebold’s vast network of technicians that provide 24-hour assistance and offer guaranteed response times.