Combining LiveCage software and Diebold's award-winning recycling technology, casinos achieve complete cashier automation. LiveCage balances all cashier transactions, reduces operational costs, provides real-time reporting and improved efficiency.

  • Detailed Chip Management/Cashing
  • Ticket Redemption
  • Credit Card Cash Advance
  • POS Debit Advance
  • Check Cashing
  • Automated Cashier Drawer Reconciliation
  • Remote Cash/Supply Monitoring

Redefine Your Cage

The LiveCage platform combines the reliability of the Diebold 220 Express Cash Dispenser, ASAl's cashier-friendly cash access processing tools, and a powerful Cage reconciliation/reporting back office to entirely redefine the way your Cage does business. By giving your Cashiers everything they need to perform swift and accurate Cage transactions, the LiveCage system allows you to increase efficiency, minimize cash losses, and create more engaging guest relationships.

The Complete Cage Automation System

  • Cuts Cashier Transition Time By Over 200%
  • Significantly Reduces Variations & Miscounts
  • Small Footprint Allows For Easy Install In Any Cage Environment
  • Enhance Security As Funds Remain Hands-Off Inside ECO High Level Safe
  • Optimize Overall Cash Inventory & Fully Manages/Reports All Active Cash for the Cage