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AML / Title 31

Guardian Pro® AML

In compliance with Federal Anti-Money Laundering and BSA regulation, Guardian Pro® creates and provides the ability to consolidate all Audits, CTRs, SARs, W2Gs, 1099s, W9s, and more with a click-of-a button!

Title 31/AML Compliance Solution

Guardian Pro® makes compliance monitoring and reporting more straightforward and efficient by reducing operational overhead and manual data entry. Guardian Pro’s intuitive web-based user interface is accessible from most browsers, including tablets, and speeds data entry at the cage. With automated transaction and player data imported from existing systems, notices can be quickly reviewed, and reports generated for MTL/MIL, CTR, and SARs submissions.


  • Aggregates Transaction Data for Title 31 and AML Compliance
  • Automatically Create CTR, SAR, W-9, and W-8 forms
  • Auto Entries from NIL to MTL
  • Automatically Notify Users of Reporting Activity
  • Track Cash and Check Transactions in Real-time
  • Intuitive Web-based Interface
  • Tax Forms

Guardian Pro® simplifies compliance adherence by storing transaction data, player profiles, and tax and compliance documents, in one easy-to-use, local, and secure system with no cloud activity.


  • Increase operational and compliance efficiency by reducing manual data entry
  • Track cash and check transactions in real-time
  • Instant notification of suspicious activity
  • Customizable analytics and reporting
  • Streamlines the compliance process
  • Safe, secure, data storage onsite
  • Easy to use, learn, and manage from most browsers

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