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Bank Builder Pro™

Bank Builder Pro™

Bank Builder Pro™ is the most progressive cash recycling solution for managing and creating employee banks. Bank Builder Pro™ maximizes employee productivity and provides real-time auditing by automating both ends of the bank-building process.

Developed with the best-in-class hardware and powered by Passport’s proprietary LiveCage system, Bank Builder Pro™ reduces overhead and enables employees to spend more time creating great patron experiences.

Cash Recycler Features Hyosung MS500

  • Total note capacity: 13,800
  • Compact footprint – under counter design
  • 7″ LCD Touchscreen
  • Built-in currency counter and auditing capabilities
  • Continuous feed input with individual dispensing and rejection slots
  • 6 recycling cassettes, plus 1 overflow/reject cassette

Height: 36.22″
Width: 16.85″
Depth: 39.5″
Weight: 970 lbs

Payments Smart.
Gaming Wise.®

Coin Recycler Features CIMA CDS-803

  • Total coin capacity: 16,250
  • Full-Size Recycler
  • 10 coins per second, continuous, mixed deposit
  • 48 coins per second dispensing
  • Large capacity, High volume
  • Convenient bulk deposit – 4,000 coins
  • Dispenses directly into till tray
  • Robust construction and reliable operation

Height: 43.3″
Width: 17.3″
Depth: 31.9″
Weight: 710 lbs

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