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ATM Kiosks

Industry-leading ATMs designed to meet the demand of the busiest locations.

From stand-alone ATMs to custom redemption kiosks, Passport provides a suite of form factors and functionality enabling the casino to deploy a strategic cash access and redemption program targeted by known patron behavior and casino floor layout.

CS 5500

The CS 5500 was designed with cost optimization in mind. With a capacity of 10,000 notes, the patented ActivPower™ power distribution architecture that reduces energy consumption by up to 60 percent compared to other systems, and uncompromising transaction security, you can feel confident the CS 5500 will serve you dependably and cost-effective wherever cash access is needed most.

Height: 1402 mm (55.18 inches)
Width: 463 mm (18.25 inches)
Depth: 732 mm (28.81 inches)

“Designed to meet the demand of the
busiest locations.”

DN Series 100D

The DN Series 100D has a compact, consumer-focused design with the flexibility to offer more services to your consumers when, where and how they’re desired. The 100D features our patented, industry-leading advanced friction-pick technology, so your network can handle a wider range of currency and media types. The Advanced Function Dispenser (AFD) 2.0 engine specializes in processing.

Height: 1270 mm (50 inches)
Width: 420 mm (16.5 inches)
Depth: 692 mm (27.2 inches)

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