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CashSuite™ offers comprehensive solutions, features, and benefits designed to meet all of your cash access needs. CashSuite modernizes the cash access process to provide efficiency and convenience.

Delivering industry-leading real-time transaction pricing, dynamic marketing campaigns, self-exclusion optionality, VIP offers, and true twenty-four-hour settlement (including holidays), CashSuite’s comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions drives business growth and profitability by delivering operational efficiency.


Manage cash flow and streamline operations, including ATM, check cashing, credit and debit cash advance, TITO and bill breaking, with an intelligent comprehensive reporting platform to allocate actionable data to make better business decisions.

ATM • Credit Card Cash Advance • POS Debit • TITO •
Dynamic Currency Conversion • Check Cashing (Kiosk) • Bill Breaking

Dynamic Pricing

Create real-time fee customization across the floor with pricing plans that change according to demand, time of day, day of the week, or special events and holidays. Increase your bottom line by optimizing for time-sensitive initiatives and special events that generate additional foot traffic.

Time Controlled: Design pricing plans that change according to demand, day and time, or special events and holidays. Optimize for time-sensitive initiatives that generate additional foot traffic.

Behavior Driven: Incentivize self-service options, larger transaction amounts, higher-revenue transaction types, and transaction frequency.

VIP Pricing: Specialize pricing schemes to elevate the player experience by offering custom fee amounts based on player loyalty status.

CashSuite Convenience

Eliminate lines at the Casino Cage with QuickAdvance™ and QuickCheck™. Improve Cage and employee efficiencies by automating the check cashing and cash advance process.


QuickCheck™ processes checks quickly and safely directly at any CashStream™ kiosk from enrolled accounts. Utilizing advanced risk assessment technology, QuickCheck™ reduces check-cashing risks for casinos with real-time threat and fraud detection.


QuickAdvance™ is designed to make cash advances effortless by enabling the entire cash advance process to be completed at the CashStream™ kiosk, eliminating the need to visit the cage. QuickAdvance™ reduces patron wait time and queues at the cage with a self-service cash advance process.

CashSuite Support


Delivering cloud-based secure debit processing, DataStream® makes ATM and POS transactions easier and faster for retail locations. DataStream’s desktop and mobile applications make transaction management simple for ISOs and Affiliates to manage cash balances, view terminal alerts, and monitor transactions.

Passport IQ®

Passport IQ® makes reporting efficient and simple by combining data from multiple sources into one user-friendly, web-based portal. This powerful reporting engine processes large amounts of data to generate useful reports effortlessly. The cloud-based system aggregates data from cash advances, check warranty and atm transactions, and enables transaction filtering by type, location, or terminal.

CashStream® Kiosk

Modern kiosks are designed to fit seamlessly in any floor environment while delivering optimal performance and self-service cash access options. These solutions are integrated into our web-based platform and most importantly, into your everyday operations.

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