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Launched in 2003, DataStream® facilitates ATM, POS, ACH, and retail transactions and is one of the largest bank-sponsored ATM processors in North America. DataStream® features a robust online reporting portal, innovative mobile portfolio management application, dynamic currency conversion, true twenty-four-hour settlement (including holidays), full PCI/DSS compliance, EMV and custom kiosk certification, real-time transaction feed API, and variety of white label and custom branding tools.

Delivering the industry’s most secure cloud-based debit processing platform, DataStream® makes ATM and POS transactions easier, faster, and more reliable for retail locations. DataStream’s desktop and mobile applications make transaction management simple for users to manage cash balances, view terminal alerts, and look up and monitor transactions. DataStream® is fully integrated with Passport’s CashSuite Dynamic Pricing engine, enabling real-time transaction pricing on the basis of time, patron behavior, and VIP offers.


  • ATM and POS processing
  • Live Transaction Feed
  • PCI/DSS certified
  • Full Compliment White Label/Retail ATM Processing
  • EMV and Custom Kiosk Certifications
  • True Hot/Hot Cloud-based Processing Systems
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion Offers

DataStream® is one the the largest bank-sponsored ATM processors in North America and is wholly owned and operated by Passport Technology.


  • Always available for customers with automated redundancies
  • Fast funding with 24-hour ACH settlements
  • Live transaction management on desktop or mobile application
  • Highest-level encryption keeps customer data secure

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