With an elegant design, robust componentry, multi-use functionality and real time analytics, the new CashStream Kiosk is the hub of Passport's payment eco-system on the casino floor. Diebold’s industry leading engineering and support with CashStream's latest software, represents the heart of Passport's commitment to innovation and enhancing the patron experience.


  • Multiple Ticket Redemption
  • Full-Function ATM Processing
  • Credit Card Cash Advance
  • POS Debit Advance
  • Customizable Bill Breaking
  • Check Cashing
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System
  • Ticket Printer
  • NFC Reader
  • Diebold Nixdorf ActivDispense, 5-High x 2700 Note Dispenser
  • Dual Bill Validators (MEI)


Diebold is world-renowned for their dependable technology. They deliver the highest levels of uptime in the industry by supporting features like intelligent diagnostic modules that forecast maintenance needs and provide alerts for potential problems.

Premium Services

These kiosks are linked to the highest level of equipment support in the industry. Diebold has a network of over 4000 service technicians across the nation, guaranteed response times, 24-hour assistance, and automated tech dispatch along with several other service options.

Security Features

Passport's top-notch fraud-prevention technology will keep guests safe offering an enhanced sense of security while handling their cash needs.