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Passport Technology Inc. Expands Platform to Europe and Partners With Regency Entertainment, Greece

Passport Technology Inc. today announced the completion of an extensive UAT cycle for expansion to Europe and the signing of Regency Casino Thessaloniki, the largest casino in Greece.

“From inception, Passport Technology set the standard high from a product development and user experience standpoint and partnering with Regency Casino Thessaloniki is affirmation our commitment to innovation has been embraced,” states Kurt Sullivan, President and Chief Operating Officer. “We took the approach of including partners, regulatory authorities and prospective customers in the development process and we are very pleased to be associated with such an important European casino operator.”

Passport Technology’s CashValet® is purpose-built for highly regulated international gaming jurisdictions where the ability to approve authorizations and dispense cash is just one key element. The CashValet® P2PE and cloud-based application enable operators to customize the solution in real-time, providing feature-rich security, compliance and problem gambling solutions. It also allows operators to simply and smartly tailor the transaction cycle based on their unique requirements through the industry’s finest user interfaces, web portals and POSpod™ attended kiosk.

“We’re delighted to see Cash Valet® and POSpod™ installed and contributing to the state-of-the-art Regency Casino Thessaloniki in Greece whose offering is unrivaled in Europe and a true one-stop entertainment destination,” states Helen Bowditch, Vice President of International Development. “As technology partners, we are eager to innovate and bring new and beneficial services to Greek and International gaming patrons.”

“Passport Technology certainly did their homework and developed a robust cash services solution not available in Europe,” states Ian Gosling, COO, Regency Entertainment. “The focus on security, responsible gambling and user experience while delivering increased cash to the casino floor is a real complement to our offering.”

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