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Passport Technology Introduces ATM Services While CashValet® and POSpod™ Outperform

LONDONJune 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Passport Technology has introduced United Kingdom and European ATM services, delivering maximum cash to casino floors with gaming specific user interfaces, dynamic messaging and an integrated API to CashValet® and POSpod™. Real-time analytics improve AML and patron value, leveraging the “Single Source Partner Program” (SSPP) for cleared funds on deposit. Passport Technology’s cash-in-transit, site-fill and custom-cash ATM replenishment provide operators maximum flexibility and operating efficiency.

“The SSPP is one relationship for ATM, quasi-cash and new technology generating increased Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) and maximum fee revenue as permitted by the 2005 Gambling Act,” states Scott Dowty, Chairman, Passport Technology. “As stated when entering the United Kingdom in January 2017, we are laser-focused on delivering material value to our customers and the addition of ATM services is compelling.

CashValet® and POSpod™ have performed above industry benchmarks since inception. Hardware durability, transaction approvals, cash-to-the- floor, security, problem gambling and user acceptance all function as designed.

Leveraging the Azure cloud and SSL encryption, Passport Technology applications run Windows 10 and Windows 10 Enterprise, supporting kiosk-specific functionality never before available in the United Kingdom or Europe. Updates are delivered remotely to CashValet®, POSpod™ and ATM modules without interruption to the patron or casino personnel.

“With five months of transaction data and continued collaboration with partners, CashValet® and POSpod™ evolve with new functionality remotely pushed to points of interaction across the enterprise states,” says Kurt Sullivan, President & Chief Operating Officer, Passport Technology. “Whether multi-casino operators, independent casino or a stand-alone kiosk, our engineering team have delivered an exceptional process and experience.

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